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All tapes are professionally duplicated unless stated otherwise.

Fumio Kosakai – Earth Calling LP

Fumio Kosakai - Earth Calling

Fumio Kosakai is best known to most for his contributions to legendary Japanese harsh noise entities like Hijokaidan, C.C.C.C and of course, Incapacitants. His comparatively small body of solo work however finds him exploring far more restrained electronic music terrain. Inspired by the most psychedelic elements of artists like Terry Riley and Hawkwind, he produces gorgeous and nuanced minimalist drone textures. This LP reissues his first cassette from 1987, released in a minuscule number and now a highly sought after release. Screen printed record sleeves by Mick Flower and a card insert of liner notes in both Japanese and English from the artist himself. Co-release between Memoirs Of An Aesthete and Crater Lake.

Ashtray Navigations – Axe Attack In 3D/Unfuck You

Ash Nav front cover

2 raw live slices from kitchen sink psychedelia heroes Ashtray Navigations. An integral part of the UK underground close for enough to 20 years and centred around Stoke-On-Trent/Yorkshire’s Phil Todd with a revolving cast of collaborators. Both sides are awash with Todd’s trademark trebly guitar freak outs with booming drum pad and warbling synth accompaniment from regular collaborator Mel O Dubshlaine. The first side, Axe Attack in 3D is a traditional duo set recorded in Glasgow back in November 2012. The second side, Unfuck You also features additional input from Daria Ramone of Leeds No Wave stalwarts Etai Keshiki on extra guitar mangle and Pete Cann on metal junk and noisetronics, recorded in Leeds on September 2012.

The Subs(cribers) – Spilling Gravy In The Castle In The Castle Of Naked Terrors

Zoom in (real dimensions: 1024 x 623)Image

THE SUBS began around the start of the 90s as a project conceived entirely on the Amiga 500 borrowed from Neil Davies in order to reflect Loo Loo’s combined love of electro pop (a la The Army of Lovers) obscure Japanese anime, the film music of John Carpenter, Bootsy Collins and Death Metal. Enlisting the help of Paula Hayes on shared vocals (“The Carpenters for the 90s” as one gig flyer read) they released the 17 song cassette “Going Like the Clappers” on Phil Todd’s Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers label including such instant pop classics “QWERTY” and “I Have A Key” . They also contributed to the infamous 7 x 7″ box set released by Stomach Ache, their track “Snow in my Pocket” depicted a love affair with a snowman that could only end in disaster. Releases and gigs from them are not frequent to say the least. Now joined on “Voice, bass, synth, trumpet, hair, logistics and costumes” by Mikarla Jarvis, Subs create beautifully simple and charming pure synth pop that you will never forget.

Edition of 50 black pro-dubbed tapes.

Listen to Subs here and here.

Panelak – Arnica Eyebright

Arnica Eyebright EP artwork finished, 27 Nov 2012

Leeds-based Pascal Ansell’s solo project connects disparate fragments with a messy warmth and the drive to cover the ears with blissful noise. Through 28 minutes passages pass through scattered suffusions and billowing noise, detouring into heavy ambience, harsh mouth utterances and piercing mbiras scrapes.

Arnica Eyebright draws heavily from recordings made at the Bates Mill in Huddersfield which manufactures synthetic fur fabrics. The ‘fearnaught’ machine has a large focus, its mechansms of ripping raw textile providing drones throughout the E.P. Also caught are sounds of pipes, pressure guages, steam loops, ‘feed heaters’, the ‘thermolier (a large fan) and rows of shearing machines.

The glorious motifs of mandalas are a second focus of Arnica Eyebright, with Pascal attempting aural counterparts to their dizzying patterns. Throbbing keyboards and squiggling mic feedback as well as scraping tremelos are bundled together with the aim to emulate the devotional nature of mandala gazing.

BBBlood/Half An Abortion – Split


Paul Watson, aka BBBlood, is a maestro of noise. Harsh noise. Wandering through his extensive back catalogue, you’ll come up against some pretty intense sounds; however, there’s a depth and consideration with Paul’s approach that soon has you warming to them and reaping the rewards accordingly… – Sheepscar Light Industrial

Half an Abortion is far more considered than the gonzo band name would have you expect, this is carefully layered, properly physical noise. Bits of this could lazily be described as ‘harsh’, I suppose, but it isn’t confrontational.  It actually has a very engaging flow, a wry humour and a structure that invites the listener to climb all over it.  Pete clearly wishes you to pay attention and you’ll be rewarded if you do. – Radio Free Midwich


Both sides of this split tape are composed entirely from glass sound sources.

Half An Abortion – Anamorphic Household Whelmer

2nd proper album from this Leeds based project, active since 2009. Nearly 40 minutes of awkward and painful household ambience, using a decidedly lower key, though no less impactful approach than the 2011 Ilse début, Naked Math Machinery. Crude, crumbling and broken analogue electronics clash with cleaner digital signals and dynamic use of a wide range of amplified quotidian objects. Professionally duplicated cassettes in an edition of 50 copies. First release on the artist’s new label Crater Lake, which will focus on adventurous and extreme modern sounds of all kinds.


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